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Waiting for You

Waiting For You - Susane Colasanti Waiting for You is the Marisa's journey during her sophomore year in high school finding the perfect one.From the hottie at her school that she has been crushing on(and is quite a jerk) to a guy she was friends with in elementary school but had slipped away during the middle school years(who is secretly giving out advice to basically the whole school).Along with the boy troubles, she is also having to deal with trying not to get depressed again like she had been during the last school(which it doesn't help with her parents separating).One way to sum up is what her aunt said about where your image of a perfect guy can change when you start liking the "one" to the point of love.And don't give them up just because they aren't "hot" enough or smart enough for you.Waiting for You was the first book by Susane Colasanti I have read and i absolutely loved itIt is a very simply read but yet not,it deals with many issues that teens go through with from having trouble with parents or your friend meeting guys online.This is definitely a book to read when your wanting something that isn't super serious but at the same time one that has no plot.And it also has quite a few good laughs in it,which is a great plus.