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The Last Song

The Last Song - Nicholas Sparks The Last Song is about 17 year old Ronnie during the summer before she turns 18 when she is forced to go to her dad's for the summer who she hasn't spoken to in three years.It talks about those things you go through through your whole life that first kiss that actually means something, being forgiven, and just plain growing up(and taking care of the sea turtles).This is actually the second book by Nicholas Sparks i have read(the first being walk to remember) and i absolutely love it. I can already tell this will be a book that i will be reread over and over again.It is just that good. I loved how in it you really got to see Ronnie grow from being a annoying teen to growing into a young adult.The Last Song is told in 4 different views: Ronnie's, her dad Steve, Marcus, and Will.When reading this have some tissues near by since it can be quit a tearjerker even though if you where like me where i pretty knew how it would kinda end.