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Love Is the Higher Law

Love Is the Higher Law - Where were you when 9/11 happened?What were you doing?In Love is the Higher Law it talks about 2 high school seniors and 1 college sophomore and with how they dealt with 9/11.From Jasper actually sleeping through it to Claire in school thinking the worst when the school secretary comes and says something to her teacher.Only realizing what she thought was the worst wasn't even near what the worst that could happen.Or like Peter who was ditching part of school to get a new cd.And then realizing what had happened.That their country was attacked.That a building that had been by them was gone.And they would never see it again.I absolutely loved Love is the Higher Law.It gave me another view point with what had happened that day.Even though i have so many memories from that day from what I was doing when i found out to what I was wearing.There are so many things you just don't think about that you get to read from the view point of a young adult.This book is also so specially is because there aren't many books written from a teens point of view of 9/11.That even though we weren't adults(for me I was still in elementary school) we were aware and this was really the first major thing to happen in this country that we had to live through.And its like after the fact we changed.We the same but yet not with how we were then.We became more aware of what was happening.And I think Love is the Higher Law really brought that out.I think EVERYONE should read this.And beware that it might bring up many memories from what had happened.But sometimes people need that reminder... Warning though you might need tissues while reading this,because I found myself crying silent tears while reading it...