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Once Was Lost

Once Was Lost - Once Was Lost is about Samara (Sam) Taylor who's life starts to unravel after her mom goes to rehab after getting a DUI and he father who is the paster at the local church gets to interested in the church and forgets to take care of her.His family.And after a girl in her town get kiddnapped she really starts to lose faith in things and why she believes what she believes.This book really hit me hard,part of because how i have dealt with some of the things mentioned in this book and were with losing faith in what she believe,basically talk the talk walk the walk.I don't know about other people but in this book and in Sara Zarr's other books its like i can really see this happening and some of the stuff that goes on in her books have happened to me or to close friends.Overall this is an amazing book that isn't overloaded with things like faith which a lot of books kinda like this have.