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The Secret Life of Prince Charming

The Secret Life of Prince Charming - Deb Caletti In stories Prince Charming is always the one guy that you want as your husband.but what makes him so charming?Quinn's father is who when you would first meet him is what in the dictionary would be prince charming. Which he is very charming.But even when her mom is always warning her about guys turns out to be right.That they can break your heart.Quinn tries to push the feelings aside and focuses on a more important issue.While she was at her dad's house she noticed that on many different things in a room had names on them. After calling her half-sister -who she has only met once- she decides to go on a road trip to return all those items. And during the trip she learns about more what her dad has done in his past and most importantly falls in love.When first starting this I didn't think I was going to ever really get into it at all.It took about almost half of the book to be done when i really started getting into it.In the book it really shows how you can't judge someone by looks and you have to be careful but yet not letting guy into your heart when it comes to love.All over really cute read if you have the time to really get into it.