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This Is What I Want to Tell You

This Is What I Want to Tell You - Heather Duffy Stone This is What I Want to Tell You is told by twins Nadio and Noelle.From them telling their story in alternating view points, it starts at the end of summer when Keely gets back from england(with a secret) and goes to see Noelle but she's not there.Nadio is and so the romance starts there(but they keep it a secret from Noelle).With Noelle at the beginging of the summer after Keely left she became friends with Jessica and all the wrong friends and ignores Nadio and Keely when she gets back.(dun dun DUN)This is What I Want to Tell You by Heather Duffy Stone is her first book and it's really amazing.Everything really fits great together,from flowing between reading from Nadio and Noelle's view.It really shows Noelle almost liking trying to find out who she is and trying to show that she gets to chose what she does.And of course Nadio finds out what Keely's secret is.I think the only thing i didn't care for was there was the talking scenes it can get kind of confusing because there aren't any parentheses show with what is actually being talked and not what they are thining in their head.