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Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
Always the Baker, Never the Bride - Sandra D. Bricker 2.5 starsSo while reading Always the Baker, Never the Bride I was liking it but at times getting slightly frustrated with it. One thing I though the whole diabetic part would have a more important part of it because in the very beginning of the book (In the prologue) it has her finding out about it.... and then besides a few times of people telling her not to eat cake and one time her telling that she just's has to check her blood sugar before she eats nothing. Nothing at all. Another thing I didn't like was all the cake decorating tips in it. I felt like the author was very much not a cake decorator or had very little knowledge with how the recipes were (and considering one part of the book has her rolling out fondant with flour. Uh yeah not supposed to do that). Though probably most wouldn't spot those type of errors I didn't since my mother has her own cake business so I have helped out with doing the decorating and such...Also didn't like all those church preachy moments in it since it felt like it didn't really flow that well with the book... Got annoying pretty fast.