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Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking
Sisters of Misery - Megan Kelley Hall Sisters of Misery is about Maddie Collins.She's in the "cool" crowd at school.But when her cousin Cordelia comes to Hawthorne, Massachusetts everything changes. All the guys there start noticing her,even Maddie's friend Kate's boyfriend which causes a lot of conflict in the town and Maddie has to choose if she wants to be loyal to her cousin or with her friends and part of the secret society she is part of, the Sisters of Misery.This is Megan Kelley Hall's first book and is quite amazing.It was the first gothic like book I have read and makes me want to read more this type of book.There wasn't one time i was actually bored reading it like i have been reading some other books.There is the suspense that is in the entire book and also all the mysteries about the society and other things that unravel through the whole book.